Cross/Section, a design podcast recorded bi-weekly. Hosts, Nathaniel St Jean and Alex Regnery, look into all things design, engineering, and construction. Discussing a spectrum of subjects within this vast spread from professional practice to the building trades; education to technology; and all things in between, the show is a cross section of the industry. There are lots of stories, trends, and more to cut open and we attempt to share it.

 …with a little nonsense and humor to lighten the mood.


Nathaniel St Jean

Architect. Builder. Chief Troublemaker.

A forever New Englander, I am the founding member of Tectonica, a small architectural practice in New Hampshire, and a host on the Cross/Section Podcast with my colleague, Alex Regnery.

Having been immersed in the act of building all my life - I've worked in the building trades, from laborer to roofer; I've been a project manager; played a role in representing owners; a design-builder; and now as an architect. I appreciate good design choices and despise poor attempts.  Before founding Tectonica I've worked for well-established architectural practices and construction management firms in New England.

I am a graduate of the Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, Massachusetts, and am the current program chair of construction management at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, New Hampshire.

I am a registered architect in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and in the state of New Hampshire.  I am a NCARB certificate holder & a member of the American Institute of Architects.

Alex Regnery

Project Manager. Designer. The Mature One.

After graduating from Tulane University in 1992, I practiced architecture in the Midwest until 2016 within a wide realm of project types: civic buildings; industrial; multi-family & public housing; educational; places of worship; athletic & recreational; and single-family homes. I can easily speak to it all because I've seen it all.

I have always been interested in the basic concept of space, its limitless boundaries to include both an inside and outside environment. With a particular interest around manipulating space over time. Though I do not consider myself a historical preservationist, I am certainly more interested in the re-use and re-purposing of our existing built environment.


My experience of nearly 10 years as the lead architect on a private boarding school campus in Indiana planted the seed for my current position as a project manager overseeing capital projects at Southern New Hampshire University. I am involved with the planning and management of the University’s recent surge of several multi-million dollar capital improvements and new construction projects.


Additionally, I am an adjunct professor within SNHU’s construction management department and a host of the Cross/Section Podcast with my colleague, Nathaniel St Jean.

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